Being Realistic when Opening a Restaurant

The restaurant industry is undoubtedly one of the most competitive and difficult industries today. Building and maintaining your kitchen into a successful and respected establishment is no easy feat. At one time or another, the idea “I should open a restaurant/bar” has likely crossed everybody’s mind. For a select few, they actually do it. If you are considering opening a restaurant of your own consider the following.

Don’t Mix Business with Emotions

Many people associate cooking with old memories, family, and comfort. However, just because you make good food that everybody can enjoy does not mean you can operate a successful restaurant. Remember that a restaurant is a business, and not a hobby. Confusing past emotions with business aspirations can be dangerous. If you have no business background, bring in a professional to help with business schematics. Having a business professional from the beginning can mean the difference between striving and sinking.


As everybody always says, the secret to success is location, location, location. Be smart selecting your location. Chances are you will be looking for places with existing commercial kitchens. However, if the same location has had five different restaurants in the last 3 years, it’s probably not ideal. Likewise, if you find a space without a full commercial kitchen, buying from a wholesale discounter can help get you the right location at the right price!

License and Regulations

Finally, restaurant/bars or food establishments have some of the strictest rules and regulations around. When planning your restaurant, be sure to thoroughly fill out and double check all paperwork and applications. The last thing you want is to get shut down for incorrect information after all the handwork it takes to actually start cooking.

If you are considering opening a restaurant of your own, be sure to keep these suggestions in mind to ensure a smooth opening and avoid problems in the future. It is also worth doing a bit more background research to eliminate any possibility of problems come opening day!

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