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Ways To Save Money On A Wedding

Ways To Save Money On A Wedding – Weddings are wonderful, but the only ways to make them better is to save money on your own. Everyone loves a wedding, but no one likes to pay for them. This is reasonable. They are expensive.

Today, it is my goal to give you a few practical ways to save money on a wedding if you find yourself in a position to get married. This is very important when you are looking for ways to learn how to save for wedding day expenses. You have to learn how to keep the cost of the wedding down in the first place,, so keep that in mind.

Ways To Save Money On A Wedding

Ways To Save Money On A Wedding
Ways To Save Money On A Wedding

Like most things in life, the first step on learning how to save for a wedding is making a decision. If you are not willing to make up your mind to save money on your wedding, then you are not going to get it done. However, if you can get it past your mental block that all weddings are expensive, then you have a chance to significantly reduce your wedding cost.

Below are a few steps you can use to save money on a wedding if you are ready to get married. I am sure you will not like everything I have to say, but it is the truth as I see it, which is the only truth I am aware of at the moment. If you feel like expanding my mind, please do so in the comment section below. I am looking forward to hear from you.

Talk With Your Mate – The best thing you can do is get on the same page with your mate as far as your expectations. Many times you two are not on the same page and if you can get there along with the financial goals you two share, then you will be just fine. The wedding is just the beginning of your future and if you can talk your mate back from the ledge of spending $50,000 on this one day, then you can save significantly. I am sure something wonderful can be done for about $10,000, which would save you as much as $40,000 with this move alone.

Reduce the Guest List – Many people have a hard time with this section of wedding planning. The guest list can get out of control quickly. I think you should only allow 50 people each to be invited to the wedding. Actually, I think this is too many people, but you will have to make this decision with your mate.

Don’t Have a Wedding, Party Instead – Here is one of my ideas that you might not like, but it will save you a bundle on your wedding I am sure. Skip the wedding all together. It is just a costly mess. Head down to the court house with your mate, enjoy one another, then throw a party at the end of the day. You could rent out a hall, cater some finger foods, play an iPod and jam all night long. It will be a great evening with friends and family.

Cup Cakes Instead of Wedding Cake – There is a new trend in wedding cakes to not have them. The wedding cake can be extremely expensive by anyone’s standards. You will do yourself a great favor and save a lot of money if you look into getting cup cakes instead.

Cash Bar – One of the reasons I love to go to weddings is because they have open bars most of the time. That is awesome for the attendees, but can cost the married couple a fortune. You might disappoint a few people in the audience with a cash bar, but they will get over it. You should think about your families financial future rather than making a few strangers and family members happy.

I know these are not the most popular ideas, but they work. The fact of the matter is we need to be more concerned with our financial future than the wedding day. – Ways To Save Money On A Wedding

How To Save For Wedding

How To Save For Wedding – For your wedding you want to learn how to save money as much as you can before it blows the entire budget. Though beautiful and magical, weddings can be very costly, that is why it is important to look into how to save money and still have a wedding… Continue Reading