Joining the Yakezie Challenge

If you have never heard of Yakezie, then you are obviously not a blogger infatuated with taking your blog to the next level. Yakezie is a wonderful network of personal finance bloggers committed to selflessly promoting each other.

You can learn more about the Yakezie Challenge here if you are interested. However, the crux of the challenge is to dedicate the next six months to your blog. The goal is to post consistently, lower your Alexa ranking below 200,000, and promote the other bloggers in the group. This is something I can do without and doubt although it may seem difficult with where I am starting.

Starting of the Yakezie Challenge

At the beginning of the Yakezie Challenge, this How To Save Money & More blog is fresh and green. The blog is just a few days old and holds an Alexa ranking of 6,477,889. It may seem like a long way to go in order to crack the 200,000 mark, but it should actually happen quickly. I am thinking over the next four months, HTSMM should be able to crack the 200,000 Alexa mark, but I would love to do it sooner.

To get this done, I will have to delve deep into the Yakezie community. Networking with the bloggers in the community, starting a Twitter account, and building our connections is the angle.

This can and will happen. I am very excited to take on this challenge. The reason I am so confident in doing this is because this is my second blog I am entering into the Yakezie Challenge. My first one is now nearing the 100,000 mark. Hopefully, it should break the barrier by next month, but the lower you go on the Alexa board the more difficult it can become.

Wish us luck!

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    • Thank you, Aaron! I am looking forward to the challenge of moving this site down the ranks as soon as possible!

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