Kids Clothes: Worth the expense for quality?

Fall is almost here and school is starting so that means a whole new wardrobe for most children. It is crazy that each season you must start over and fill your child’s closet with new (or used) clothes that will fit their new size. But while buying those clothes I am left to wonder  if you get what you pay for? Now that my son is staying in his current size longer, I have to ask if it’s worth the extra dollars to get him clothes that will last.

My wallet has been getting nice and cozy with the store credit card reader. They are now friends. In my son’s closet right now are used clothes, new clothes, more expensive clothes and discount clothes. I figure I will give myself time to figure out what is best, but I am not going to lie, I am going to bet the higher the quality the better.  It’s a saying for a reason right? Or do we get sucked into paying for a name rather than paying for the quality?

Just think of all the falls and washes each piece of clothing goes through? How much can the threads take? I know my son certainly gives his clothes a beating. I’m talking stains and falls, and rips. But how much is too much for clothes? Today I went to a trendier kids store and saw sweatpants for $42? I just couldn’t do it! I then went to a more reasonable store and found sweatpants for $10. Now that’s more like it! I guess we will see how many washes it takes for them to be worn.

I will have to admit that last year I bought some expensive white undershirts for my son to wear along with the standard Hanes ones (don’t tell my husband). I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the better ones. They stayed whiter, they didn’t stretch out and they lasted. I cringe thinking about paying a lot for undershirts but I think I will again. Totally worth it!

So I am torn. With the closet filled with clothes that run the gambit in price I will hopefully be able to make a more “scientific” opinion on this matter. I am hoping the answer is that the cheaper brands will do just as good but I have a feeling that isn’t true. Only time will tell right?

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