4 Money Saving Tips for Your Divorce

Divorce is an experience that is not easy to go through with. A lot of people just give up when they realize that a divorce is around the corner. To most people, the primary objective is getting the entire ordeal over with as soon as possible. However, unless you can afford a lawyer who will… Continue Reading

Being Realistic when Opening a Restaurant

The restaurant industry is undoubtedly one of the most competitive and difficult industries today. Building and maintaining your kitchen into a successful and respected establishment is no easy feat. At one time or another, the idea “I should open a restaurant/bar” has likely crossed everybody’s mind. For a select few, they actually do it. If… Continue Reading

Yakezie Fall Teams

As you may have seen from our previous post, How To Save Money & More has joined the Yakezie Challenge. The personal finance network of bloggers is amazing, but the members have taken things one step further. This fall, we have organized into smaller teams where will will focus our efforts and help promote one… Continue Reading