Save Money by Ditching the Home Phone

Everyone is looking for opportunities to trim the budget. They want to learn how to budget money and find places to save more. It is a major topic around the water cooler, in the gym locker rooms, even at lunch. People across the country are looking for ways to save more money.

You cannot blame these people for wanting to keep more of the money they earn. I was told long ago it is  not how much money you make, but how much you keep that makes a difference. Running around buying depreciating items might make you feel good, look good in front of friends, but it isn’t going to take you where you really want to be financially. You have to either make more money or save more money.

Ditching Your Home Phone Service

Save money by ditching your home phone service.
Save money by ditching your home phone service.

Hopefully, you are working your way down a path that leads to you making more money as well, but you should definitely be working a steady plan to save more money. There is no way around the latter. You need to be keeping more of the money you earn in your accounts.

One way to make this a reality is by turning off your home phone service. It’s crazy that you pay for a service that you never use? This is something I realized last year. My wife, children and I never used the home phone. It just sat on the computer desk all lonely sucking money out of our budget each month.

Finally, we made the decision to cut the phone off. It wasn’t made without some forethought and worry on our parts. If we turn off our phones, how would 911 calls trace the call to our home and come in case of an emergency? Don’t we need a home phone line in order to receive faxes? We even considered keeping the home phone service because we have always had one in lives, so maybe we should keep it.

All of these moments of weakness are false and nothing to really worry about. 911 has more advanced technology than we give then credit. They will be able to trace your cell phone. Don’t worry about this.

As far as faces go, if you need a service you can get one that is Internet based. This means you don’t need to have a home phone to receive faxes. We use for this end. The fee is $10 a month, but is actually pretty cool. I need fax services for my business, so the expense is worth it.

Ditching the home phone service was a great way for us to trim a few bucks from our budget. As I mentioned, everyone in the house has a cell phone so it is not like we are not in communication with the world. We are wired in and ready to go, but we don’t pay the phone company money each month for nothing any longer!

5 Responses to Save Money by Ditching the Home Phone

  1. We use MagicJack @ our house it costs $20 per year or $1.75 a month or so. We share one ancient cell phone that we put $100 onto every year and always lose about 1/2 of that (but if we only put $50 on it would only last 3 months, so we do a year).

    Our telecom budget is tiny.

  2. Ya, landlines are becoming less and less popular, especially now with cell phones and services like Skype and Google talk that allow us to talk with the internet service we already pay for!

    I think someone should keep a land line if they’re rural or like my dad, frequently lose or forget to charge their cell phone!

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