Ways To Save Money In College

Ways To Save Money In College – College and money seem not to mix, but if you know various ways to save money while in college you can make it work. This may sound impossible to you at first, but don’t fret, I am going to show you how to pull it off.

Speaking as a former poor college student who had a blast while in college, I can tell you it is possible. I was able to save money all the time while living the lifestyle I desired. Today, we are going to talk about a few of these ideas and hopefully you will be able to add a few to the pot to keep things going.

Ways To Save Money In College

Ways To Save Money In College
Ways To Save Money In College

Learning different ways to save money in college is different from learning how to save for college. While in college, you have to remember that you don’t have much money in the first place if you are lucky to have any at all. Therefore, you need a totally different mindset in order to pull off this feat.

Below I want to share a few of my ideas for saving money while you are in college. Hopefully, you find a few of these helpful, but remember all things are possible if you are willing to sacrifice and stick with it.

Mental Preparation – In order to become a saver, you need to have the mind set. There is no way you can do anything if you don’t have the desire deeply implanted in your mind. Get it now. Understand why you want to save in the first place. Know this habit will serve you the rest of your life, so start to develop and cultivate it now.

10% Savings Automatically – You might not have direct deposit, but you need to develop the habit of saving 10% of all your earnings. Put it away in your back before you start any sort of spending. Yes, there are going to be days you really want to splurge on something or another, but refrain and think about the long term savings you are desiring to save.

Be Cheap – You are in college and no one expects you to have money, so be cheap. You don’t have to have the top of the line cleaning supplies or the best food money has to buy. You have time for all that later in life. In college, you need to make sure your aim is to keep as much money as possible.

Don’t think you have to go through your college years without any sort of enjoyment. This isn’t the case. In fact you should really enjoy yourself, just don’t be afraid to drink cheap beer, try out all the versions of noodles possible, and be sure to live the experience to the fullest. Just make sure you are stuffing your savings account as much as you can. – Ways To Save Money In College

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  1. It’s really amazing to me seeing college kids hitching rides but blowing their money on CDs, video games and school trips to the bahamas. Be cheap, or frugal rather, needs to be stressed more in college. Schools loans are bad enough without having credit card debt on top of that.

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