Yakezie Fall Teams

As you may have seen from our previous post, How To Save Money & More has joined the Yakezie Challenge. The personal finance network of bloggers is amazing, but the members have taken things one step further.

This fall, we have organized into smaller teams where will will focus our efforts and help promote one another. I have decided to join Team #5, so things should get even more interesting around here.

These fall teams gives the members a change to associate with different bloggers that they may not have associated with in the past. It is a chance to get close with another group of wonderful people and promote them in the process.

Being this is a complete new blog, the opportunity to work with a group of bloggers like this is wonderful. I am looking forward to it and will do my best to help promote all of them.

Below is the list of bloggers on my Fall Team this year. Take a moment to visit each one of them, learn from their experiences, and enjoy their blogs in the process.

Frugal Beautiful
Daily Money Shot
My Journey to Millions
Wealth Informatics
Not Made of Money
Financially Consumed
My Multiple Streams of Income
Sustainable Personal Finance
Master the Art of Saving
Nickel By Nickel

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